Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to "TV Time"

Welcome to “TV Time With Bob.” My name is Robert Taylor, I’m a recent graduate from the American Film Institute Conservatory with a Master’s in Screenwriting, and I’m here to write about great television. 

I recently completed another blog where I watched and assessed AFI’s Top 100 American films. I felt that I learned quite a lot about the art of filmmaking through the two-year process, and even more about myself as a writer. Writing about great television seems a perfect extension of that theme.

The blog will focus on…well…every type of scripted television produced, whether it be drama or comedy, situation or experimental, anthology or continuing, single camera or multi-cam. I don’t care if the show aired last week or fifty years ago. Yes, there are dozens of “100 Greatest Television Episodes” lists everywhere on the Internet, but this blog will not be working off of any of them. I worked off a list last time, and this time I’d like to see where the writing and shows take me.

The only criteria I have for choosing the shows is that I genuinely believe that the episode in question is “great.” It absolutely must engage me on an emotional level, must move me through its drama or humor and, in my humble opinion, be better than all the other dreck spread out over the 1,000 television channels right now.

What do I hope that you, dear reader, get out of “TV Time With Bob”? Well, I certainly hope that you check out some television you’d never have watched before. I also hope that you learn along with me. About character. Structure. Humor. Drama. About what makes shows like these tick. Read it if you want to expand your television landscape. If you want to work in TV. If you already work in TV.

That said, let’s grab the remote and get started.

-Robert Taylor
July 7, 2012

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